We gardeners need to get out there and make the world more beautiful. The easiest way is planting container gardens.

You can and should start planning and planting now.

To get your container gardens off to the best start you’ll need to feed them. Plants in containers are in special need of fertilizing as they cannot get needed nutrients replenished from the surrounding soil.

Container plants are in a “contained” area of soil. Once the food is used up it is gone. But you can fix that. Not with bags of expensive plant food, but with my secret combo; three things you probably have in your kitchen now.

What is my secret combo?

Banana Peel – Egg Shells – Coffee Grinds

  • The Banana Peel: adds phosphorus and potassium to the soil.  Both are essential to a healthy plant. Potassium is responsible for the formation of new flower buds.
  • The Egg Shells:  add valuable nutrients such as calcium.  Tomatoes in particular love calcium. Note: Crushed egg shells sprinkled on top of the soil also deters slugs and snails.  They don’t like crawling over the shells. Imagine dragging yourself belly down over shards of glass to get to a salad…yes that would be a deterrent!
  • The Coffee Grinds:  provide nitrogen and tannic acids to the soil.  Acid loving plants such as azaleas, blueberries, butterfly weed, camellias, ferns, gardenias, lupines and rhododendrons especially love coffee grinds. Sprinkling the grinds on top of the soil may also deter slugs and snails as they are known to be tea drinkers.  No, really they also don’t like the feeling of sliding over the grinds.

Now that you know why these 3 kitchen items work in your container gardens, here is how to get them in there:

The ‘recipe’ is forgiving. Use about an equal amount of each. That breaks down to approximately 1 peel, 3 eggs and a cup of grinds.

  1. Cut up the peel, wash then crunch up the shells and mix in the grinds. I drop it all into a large ziplock and mush it around.  
  2. Toss about a cup of the mixture right into the container after you fill partially with soil.
  3. Add more soil – then tuck in your plants and top with a little more soil and mulch or moss.

My combo is inexpensive, organic, slow release, a repurpose and it really works. All that adds up to happy container plants and less maintenance for you.

A lovely low maintenance garden is not a fantasy!

So tomorrow morning brew up some coffee, make some eggs and eat a banana.

Then you’ll be all set to plant your container gardens.