People generally avoid putting avocados in the freezer. If you do so, the fruit will lose its texture quickly and go soft, just like bananas. And like apples, you cannot cut the fruit open and leave it lying around for a couple of minutes or put them in the freezer like that. The yellowish flesh will start taking on a brown coloration right away. Polyphenol oxidase found in avocados reacts with oxygen when the fruit is exposed to air, and the surface of the flesh starts turning brown. While it is safe to eat it in the first couple of minutes, it becomes quite unappealing after a while.

People try out different things to keep their avocados fresh. Some cut them open and spray lime or lemon juice on the surface of the flesh. But, they still go grown. Some people don’t freeze them; instead, they keep them in the fridge at a higher temperature, believing that too much cold will ruin it.  The fruits start to go brown on the inside and the texture turns mushy.  Others keep them in bags or envelopes, thinking that it will keep the air out. However, they still go brown and mushy. These are some of the reasons why people avoid buying avocados in bulk.

Many people don’t even know freezing is possible.

Natasha Mueller (@autoimmune_realfood_rx) is the smart woman who shared this idea about avocado preservation. She realized the need for this while she was waiting in line at the supermarket. People were shocked number of avocados she had bought, and they asked how she was planning to keep them fresh. She said she was going to freeze them and people started to laugh at her. But, then she started explaining how she does it so that the avocados don’t go brown or mushy, and everyone was taken aback!

How to Do It ?            

You will need avocados, a sharp kitchen knife, a straw, and a Ziploc bag.


  • Cut the avocados in half, making sure you don’t slice the seed.  Separate the halves and remove the seed. Don’t throw it away or freeze it as it has countless health benefits and can be cooked and used in various delicacies.
  • Put each half in the Ziplock bag and seal it, making room for the straw to go in.
  • Stick in the straw and do a vacuum-seal.  Make sure you don’t yank the straw out roughly! Extract it and seal the bag once it is out.
  • And, the avocados are ready to go in the freezer!