Headache is the most common pain of a modern man caused by stress, fatigue, overload of the body. Unsustainable pressure on the head has numerous habits to ease the quick-fitting rescuer, aspirin tablet. And the main ingredient of a salicylic acidic saline tablet is found in known nuts. The almond bark is natural aspirin, that is, their effect lasts longer and there are no undesirable reactions.

Headache usually occurs in the back and causes a lower concentration, irritability and maleness. Since the symptoms of headache are most often stress, tension, flu, colds, sinusitis, and digestive disorders, uncomfortable symptoms are treated as a symptom rather than a disease.

These more headache reliefs are sought in alternative methods such as meditation, drinking water, relaxation, but also in food. Aspirin, the most common quick-acting headache suppressor can equally effectively replace the almond fist.

10-12 Almonds are the equivalent to 2 Aspirins

Salicin is an anti-inflammatory active substance that almonds contain in large quantities, and with regard to the effectiveness of pain relief, many call it natural aspirin.

In addition, almonds contain a high level of magnesium, which is important for better oxygen flow and nutrients in the body. Which helps relieve the muscles and reduce irritability.

The almond bark, more precisely 10-12 pieces daily, alleviates and prevents headaches. And almonds you can eat raw or soaked overnight in water and added to the meal.